Shopping in Mexico on a Teacher’s Budget

I love Mexico for many reasons. One of them is all the beautiful hand crafted items. The colors used are so vivid they make me feel happy! Shoes are one of my favorite things and Mexico has beautiful leather, hand crafted shoes. My favorite shoe store is a tiny tucked away treasure in Merida called “York”. The shoes are made in Leon which is in central Mexico. Oh the choices! The shoes I am wearing were around twenty five dollars. I believe York is on Calle 60.IMG_6718

I also enjoy Mexican pottery. My favorite place to buy Mexican pottery and handicrafts is on the road toward Coba. Tortilla soup is a favorite in our home and I was on a quest for four divine soup bowls. Finding them was not a problem. The problem was which four. If only I had more room in my suitcase. Each of my bowls was around eight dollars. Polite, mild negotiating on the road to Coba seems to be the norm.

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