In general I am not an amusement park type of girl. With that said I absolutely love Xel-Ha. When I first started researching activities for our trip I was very skeptical about Xel-Ha. The admission for Xel Ha is not cheap at first glance.Fortunately, my dear friend Sonia who lives in Mexico convinced me to go.  Now that I have experienced Xel-Ha, the admission is actually quite reasonable. Your ticket includes all food and drinks (including alcohol). If I could do it all over again I would get there when the park opened, and eaten all three meals there. Be fore-warned they stop serving dinner forty five minutes before the park closes. There is so much to do at Xel-Ha you cannot possibly do it all in one day. In addition to all the included activities there are also additional activities that you can do for an extra charge, like swimming with dolphins. My children loved jumping off cliffs, snorkeling and zip-lining into the water. I loved relaxing in an inter tube and floating thru a mangrove tunnel. This Xel-Ha promotional video will give you an idea of what to expect. The park provides numerous plaques that will educate you on coastal estuaries in the tropics. In addition all the flora and fauna is labeled for plant identification.