Life Lately

13533100_1031687370213432_7279680169382254350_nHow sad? I have not blogged in awhile! The last month has been a complete whirl wind. As most home school parents will tell you their life is non stop. In my case, if one little wrench is thrown my way it is a complete nightmare. My wrench was a kidney stone Memorial Day weekend. I had no idea I had a kidney stone. The morning I was released my best friends from college arrived then it was non stop getting two kids ready for camp. Yikes!!! Of course on the way to camp my three year old car broke down…at 11:30 at night. To make a long story short it needed a whole new engine. Fortunately, Buick covered the repairs and the rental car. Yeah, Buick! After dropping the kids off at their two different respective camps in two different states on the same day….relaxation.

For the past few years we have celebrated our anniversary weeks before, weeks after, or not at all. Why? Our anniversary was not only a great day to have a wedding. It is the perfect time of year for our Boy Scout troop to go to summer camp. Not this year, they are going in July. This year we decided to celebrate by checking in to the most delightful bed and breakfast in Virginia and relax.

I love my children, I love home educating, I love my house, I love scouting BUT I needed a break in a big way. My husband and I had such an amazing time hiking, lingering over breakfast, reading, etc… Most people who teach whether it be in a school or your living room are giving people. It is easy to loose sight of yourself. If you fall in this category ask yourself when the last time you did something for yourself. I was reminded this month how important it is to take a break.

If you need a break and are any where near Christiansburg, Virgina I highly recommend The Oaks Bed and Breakfast. It is an absolutely beautiful property. Linda and Bernie the proprietors are absolutely delightful. The breakfasts are delicious. There are great restaurants and things to do in and around Christiansburg. If you do visit The Oaks I would like to recommend 622 North in Blacksburg for dinner.  I would also like to recommend the Davis Winery and Distillery. It was a fun adult thing to do. Their apple pie moonshine is something special. Now that I am back from vacation back to all the things I love!