Samurai Tales

samuraibooksWe have been studying Japanese Samurais in history.  We encountered some wonderful chapter and picture books along our journey.

ghost in tokaido“The Ghost in the Tokaido Inn” by Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler

If your child likes a good mystery “The Ghost in the Tokaido Inn” will not disappoint.   The story is based on an actual person.  Make sure you read the author’s notes at the end of the book.  It is reminiscent of Sherlock Homes Japanese samurai style.

samurai tales“The Samurai’s Tale” by Erik Christian Haugaard

The Samurai’s tale is a captivating story that has a fair amount of action from beginning to end.  This book is not for young children.  There is a lot of violence.  The main character’s mother is killed, and people people are crucified.  Samurai’s were warriors.  We had a great deal of appreciation for this book because after reading it we felt we had a new insight to the brutality of the times.

sword of the samurai“Sword of the Samurai” by Eric Kimmel

“Sword of the Samurai” is a compilation of short stories with a moral.  This is a great book to have children read independently or would would be well suited to be read allowed to young elementary students in a classroom.

abc Japan

“Japan ABC’s” by Terri DeGezelle

This book was an excellent introduction to Japanese culture and customs.


“Three Samurai Cats” by Eric Kimmel

This is a great picture book with a great message that no one is too old for.