A Little Help From the Kids

This past year has been a difficult one for our family. My mother in law and my husband’s grandmother passed away three months apart. Our house has felt a little bit like it was falling into physical disrepair. Projects which we would usually spread out and tackle here and there were completely thrown on the back burner. Each day last week felt a little warmer than the last. It was a reminder that the outside projects needed to be completed ASAP unless I wanted to complete them in sweltering heat. Not to mention my best friends from college arrive in a little over a month and I would like the house spic and span. I am horrible at asking for help.  I usually have to be going down in flames for me to reach out to a few really close friends and ask for help. However, this weekend I did it. I asked my kids for help. Not paid chores but good old fashion, “I need your help around the house”. Don’t get me wrong my kids help around the house weekly as part of their chores and have responsibilities that are unpaid as members of our family. However, I had them help with things that were home maintenance projects. They helped sand and refinish the patio furniture and pressure wash the back porch and driveway. It felt great! They actually seemed to enjoy the pressure washing.  I think they liked the feeling of helping and knowing that they made a difference. I am still a little shell shocked how much got done this weekend. Yeah! I have such great kiddos!

On Saturday afternoon our wonderful piano teacher held a small recital. Normally, I would have had the grandparents down and made a big production out of such an event. Honestly, I wasn’t too sure how the kids would do. We have had a very busy second half of the school year and the kids have not practiced the way I would have liked. However, at the end of the day they played well…not perfect..but well and continue to become more comfortable playing in front of a crowd. We of course celebrated with a trip to Hoffman’s Chocolates for their favorite ice cream. I love going into the week after a productive weekend. Happy Monday everyone!